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  1. I am an American, living near Seattle, Washington. I listen to BBC World News, in part, because of the global perspective provided. I just listened to one of your reports on Egypt and was awestruck by your eloquence. I love the English language, but your particular command of it is incredible, clear, precise and well delivered.
    Are any or all of your verbal reports available on-line?

  2. Pasquale Jr.

    Regarding this: “Bullet casings, witnesses point to ‘massacre’ by Egyptian army, police”
    1- The prayers start at 3:41. The firing started at 4:21;so, the claim that they were shot while praying is just false.
    2- Mecca faces the other side of the republican guard building, that means if they were praying, they would have been shot in the back, since every Muslim must face Mecca while praying. yet, the shots were to the chest or the face. not the back, or the back of the head.
    3- The Bullets gathered, were unspent bullets, so did the army hand Morsy supporters those bullets, or what? because if the supporters have unspent bullets as proof that they were shot at, then something is wrong here.
    Either have a logical explanation, Or find another job, but do not report dumb stuff.

  3. Abdeen Jabara

    Dear Louisa Loveluck,
    I just read your op ed piece in the New York Times. Thank you, Thank you. I just returned from Cairo on a four attorney
    fact finding trip. The report that we issued closely paralleled the facts in your article. I would like to send it to you if
    you can send me your e-mail. One of the members of our delegation was former U.S. Attorney General (Johnson Administration) Ramsey Clark. We cannot express how horrified we were at the level of repression and denial of rights
    that we found.

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