Activists dismantle the Kasr al-Eini Street wall

Activists dismantle the Kasr al-Eini Street wall

Middle East LDN

Egypt’s art scene has been transformed since the January revolution. After decades of censorship and state-sponsored cultural production, artists now scrambling to make sense of a new creative landscape in which little appears isolated from its broader political context. Inevitably, the events of 2011 form the focal point of many new creations. If under Mubarak it was a sin to be political in one’s art, it seems that being apolitical is now the ultimate creative crime.

During the 18 days, the demonstrators’ creativity and humour found spontaneous expression through a range of different mediums, from poetry to protest signs. This creative energy has since been channeled into a multitude of artistic forms, the fruits of which are plain to see both in the open air and online. Not only do these represent a burgeoning forum for dissent, but they are also being used to bridge social and cultural divides.

Inevitably, implicit pressure to acknowledge the events of 2011…

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