Saleh: Is this goodbye? (Part 2)

Further to my earlier skepticism at Saleh’s resignation promise, today brought news of more bloodshed in Yemen. According to the BBC, security forces opened fire on demonstrators in Taiz, wounding 10:

Security forces erected concrete barriers to block roads leading to the Taiz governor’s office, and deployed armoured vehicles on the streets, witnesses said.

“There were thousands in a march who came from outside Taiz, but the police and army and gunmen in civilian clothes confronted them, opening fire with bullets and tear gas,” one witness told Reuters.

“They opened fire heavily from every direction.”

AFP are also reporting 30 injured and 2 dead in the southern city of Ibb:

“Security forces shot dead a protester and wounded 30 others, eight of them by live rounds,” a medical source in Ibb, south of Sanaa, told AFP.

In the southeastern province of Al-Baida, gunmen “belonging to the ruling party” opened fire at a sit-in demonstration, killing one protester, according to a witness.

Do these look like the actions of a regime about to concede power?


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