Dislodging the Deep State (Part 2)

Just a quick post this morning and I wanted to draw attention to a story from the BBC:

Egypt’s interim military government has said it will remove some provincial governors appointed by former President Hosni Mubarak.

The move is an apparent concession to protesters who want Mr Mubarak and his allies tried for corruption.

The announcement comes days after a mass rally in Tahrir Square, dubbed the ‘Day of Trial and Cleansing’, demanded that Mubarak and his inner circle be brought to justice. Whilst the replacement of governors from the ancien régime is an encouraging step, the devil is in the detail. During the Mubarak era, half of the 29 governerates were run by members of the military (here’s a good breakdown of the stats from Jonathan Wright). Given that those replacing these as yet unspecified governors will also be from the military, it will be interesting to monitor the profiles of the new appointees. The more cynical observer might suggest this is an excellent chance for the army to to fill strategic posts with reliable candidates. Watch this space.


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