Following Egypt

Last night, Egypt was plunged into darkness. 10 minutes after AP posted a video of a protestor being gunned down in the streets, the Egyptian authorities pulled the plug on the country’s internet and phone signal, isolating 80 million from the outside world.

So how to continue following the protests?

The Guardian have been running a fantastic live-blog all week, which continues to be updated as news comes in. Jack Shenker is in Egypt, and has just filed a report on the use of teargas and water cannons against worshippers at the end of Friday prayers. He’s also got a good piece up looking at who the protesters are and how the situation got to this stage. The paper’s Middle East expert Brian Whitaker will also be online at 1pm for a live web chat on the region’s unrest.

Elsewhere, Al Jazeera have been showing amazing scenes of bravery from the streets of Cairo. Rawya Rageh’s report has just been broadcast as she choked through teargas to describe the situation before her. To stream AJ’s coverage, follow the link on the right hand side of this page. Otherwise, they’ll be updating a live-blog through the day.

Although Twitter users within Egypt have largely followed silent, we are continuing to hear news through Issandr El Amrani, Sultan Al Qassemi, Channel 4’s Jonathan Rugman, CNN’s Ben Wedeman, and a host of other sources. Do follow them if you can.


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